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There is increasing interest among researchers of diplomacy to study the field from various angles, from legal aspects and governance structure, to anthropological and cultural studies. Researchers often look at whether, and how, diplomacy contributes to better global governance.

Research in Diplomacy

International Diplomacy

Research Areas & guidelines

The overall direction of research at NGUC is Thematic Research. Broadly defined, thematic research is research undertaken to address an overarching goal addressing a priority national problem. It is a cooperative research program designed to address issues of broader context and scope (than possible with individually initiated and conducted research projects) that extends from knowledge to useable technology creation. A thematic research addresses a national priority problem with clear potential for economic benefit (commercialization or have significance for the social or cultural benefit of societies).Thematic Research by definition is multidisciplinary, extending across more than one department/school/college and incorporating a number of research groups.

Research conducted in such manner requires partnership of researchers from diverse fields of studies and production systems. This extends into the involvement of government institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations and others that will finally use the research outcomes, be it in the form of knowledge generation, extended technology or initiation of further research that will increasingly address societal problems at different level.  The first groups of thematic research programs, currently running in the University, are conducted on the following major topics:-

Global Studies and International Relations

√ Business Administration

√ Human Resource Managment & Leadership

and others please contact Community service  research office at:

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