Congratulations.. It is my honor, and Privilege, to Congratulate our  New Generation University Colleges’ (NGUC) prospective graduating class of 2019, the parents, family members, friends, lecturers/Professors, and all NGUC’s academic communities. I would like to say Congratulations and happy commencement day to all of us. In the past academic years, you have labored, endured, and succeeded the hard work and the process of learning and teaching.

As you were prepared to develop the positive attitude of sharing knowledge, and the skills of learning how-to-learn the meaningful Total Quality Higher Education (TQHE), to bring about Personal development and transformation that enables you to Change your world. Consequently, you can use the power of your education to impact your community, nations and beyond.  Academic Institution, it is our responsibility and privilege to look into Releasing the Power of Education to Liberate the World from the detention center of Ignorance.

Education has the knowledge power to: Liberate Individual (a Person the society), Crates a New Generation (Liberated Generation), Empowers the Nation,= (Economic, Power, Political, Power, Social, Psychological, Education Creates Sustainable National Development, Education is the Identity of the individual and the Nation, Quality Education gives quality Life standard (Higher Living), The Liberated Person will liberates the World around Him/ Her

NGUC has been empowering   and Liberating Thousands of African young  People.   

Since its establishment in 2002, NGUC has achieved its success, working in partnership with Universities and Colleges experiencing globally accepted principles of Total Quality Higher Education and Building Center of excellence for teaching and learning mission.   Currently, operating in Addis Ababa, in Nekemte, Oromia Regional State, and in Hargeissa,  Somaliland among others.   

For the last 17 years NGUC is attracting hundreds of International Students from different African, Middle East, and Asia Countries, and we are able to educate over 22,000 graduates from all the campuses. Our student’s Populations are enrolled and hosted from over 20 countries.  That why NGUC is called “the Little African Village in Addis Ababa”. This is the Hope for Africa to build a New Generation Leadership, for the road to Democratic content, for our journey with the African Renaissance and the new pan-African spirit.

The importance of providing the TQHED to our people ensures nations’ continuous competitiveness and sustainable development is unquestionable. Cognizant of the decisive role of education plays to speed up the overall socio-economic progress of the country, the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has given a high priority to education in its strategy of capacity building and economic development. Since the issuance of the Education and Training Policy, efforts have been made to improve higher education in quality and accessibility for all. So, NGUC was among privileged private Universities College who took the advantage of the new EFDER’s education policy and aiming higher to provide superior education and total quality higher education opportunities to the younger generation of Ethiopia and beyond.

At this junction, My advice to our graduating classes is, to move-on, to serve your people and help your community to lift them up from life of poverty level, fill the gaps of our national Leadership Vacuums, be an entrepreneur, problem solver, peacemaker, hope for the nation, serve with clean hands and clean mind for all humanity, and do not be selfish, think of others. Finally, do not stop learning, continue to grow: mentally, emotionally, and intellectually, economically, socially and etc. Do not forget that NGUC is your Academic and intellectual home.  So you are our Ambassadors wherever you may go.

Our appreciation and gratitude goes to all our respected individuals, local and national of our public offices, and private organizations those who have stood with us during our Times of Challenges and Opportunities: You all have contributed to our endeavors, enabling us make real this special day of academic success and achievement in the lives of our graduating students.

“I view education as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.” Abraham Lincoln….

Once again Congratulations! I wish you all God’s blessing as you move-on to new Opportunities. Matthews Gichile, President, NGUC- PhD. Candidate at USC USA.

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