New generation university college students come across Ethiopia and the world,sofar students from 22 African Countries  have been arrived ,representing diverse experience ,backgrounds and culture.

Admission Requirements and Programs

  •   The University, in general, admits students based on the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education (MOE) for higher education institution entrance.
  • Students transferred from accredited degree programs of other higher education institutions are eligible for admission on the basis of accreditation and re accreditation guidelines of the MOE.
  •   Students from diploma and TVET background are eligible for admission when they fulfill Higher Education Institutions entrance  rules and regulations set by MOE
  •    The University may use entrance examinations as a screening method when the number of applicants exceeds the available spaces.
  • The University gives priority for females and applicants with special needs
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Leadership and Managment skills Development
  • Project Planning and Managment
  • Logistics Managment
  •  Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Entrepreneurship and Basic Business Skills
  • Business plan Development
  • Customer service Handling
  • Communication skills Development and Report Writing
  • Human resource Managment
  • Legal Service ( Level  ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • Front Office ( Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • House Keeping Service (Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • Food & Beverage (Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • Hotel Operation ( Level ደረጃ 1፣2)
  • Food Production
  • Supervision ( Level ደረጃ 4)
  • Tourism Service ( Level ደረጃ 1፣ 2)
  • Accounting ( Level ደረጃ 2፣3፣4)
  • Secretarial Operation ( Level ደረጃ 2፣3፣4)
  • Marketing Operation ( Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • Human Resource
  • operation (Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • Hard Ware & Network (Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • DB Administration ( Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • Web & Multimedia ( Level ደረጃ 3፣4)
  • IT Support Service ( Level ደረጃ 1፣2)
  • Customer Service
  • Management ( Level ደረጃ 4)
  • Basic Customer Service ( Level ደረጃ 1)
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • HR Managment and Leadership
  • Computer Science
  • Global studies And International Relations
  • Sociology and social Anthropology
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Public Health Officer
  • Management Information System
  • Cooperative Marketing Managment
  • BSC Nursing
  • Logistics Managment
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • MA in Global studies and International Relations

International collaboration
NGUC believes that in today’s age of globalization movement cross-fertilization of academic program, is becoming a crucial factor in the development effort of every nation.

Currently NGUC is already in the process of:
Partnering with Colleges Universities different countries.
Recruiting   international lecturers, enhancing the Enrolling International Students,
Establishing International Advisory Board; Adapting different countries’ relevant curriculum concepts;
Developing many other academic linkage Programs; and
Internationally recognized, integrated and applied curriculum development

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1994 E.C / 2002 G.C

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